Research Team

photoDr. Michelle Schira Hagerman, is learning (and sharing) as much as she can about (a) how adolescents construct understandings of what they read and research on the Internet for school-based projects, (b) how teachers learn to teach with technologies, and (c) how to design learning experiences for students and teachers that support both (a) and (b). She teaches undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Ottawa where she has just started a five-year project that will explore the learning trajectories of digital literacies among francophone children.

Mom, wife, farmer’s daughter, and former French teacher, Michelle dreams of owning a vintage Deux Chevaux and a writer’s retreat with a vineyard out back. She is happiest when she is reading books with her daughters or laughing with good friends over a lovely home-cooked meal.

Dr. Raúl Alberto Mora has been a student and researcher in the field of literacy for over 12 years. His research intersects four main issues: (a) 21st century and multimodal literacies in second language contexts, including urban and virtual contexts, as well as P-16 setting, (b) the study of social and media narratives through critical discourse analysis and transmedial frameworks, (c) the search for alternative methodological approaches for qualitative research in literacy and second language studies, and (b) the critical questioning of current views of second languages. He is a professor of English education and literacy studies in the School of Education and Pedadogy at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín, Colombia, where he also chairs the Literacies in Second Languages Project (LSLP).

Raúl is a husband and a “pawrent” to two rescue pups. He loves family time, listening to electronic music (especially when writing), hanging out at coffee shops, and movie dates with his wife. He is trying to balance scholarly reading with a renewed interest in graphic novels.

Photo_-_Google_PhotosDr. W. Ian O’Byrne is a educator, researcher, and speaker. His research investigates the literacy practices of individuals as they read, write, and communicate in online spaces. Ian has been involved in initiatives ranging from online and hybrid coursework, integrating technology in the classroom, ePortfolio systems, and supporting marginalized students in literacy practices. He teaches literacy and technology classes at the College of Charleston in the Department of Teacher Education.

Ian is also a father, husband, and award winning online DJ. He enjoys spending time with his family by cooking, or teaching his kids to hack and make things. His latest attempts to find balance in life involving meditation and exercise.


Heather Woods is a Doctoral Student and researcher. Her research interest focus around teachers’ experiences with bullying prevention initiatives and training. Her research explores what factors may help or hinder teachers’ confidence in implementing bullying prevention and intervention initiatives. Heather’s past research has explored teachers’ and early childhood educators’ beliefs about aggression and social withdrawal within the classroom and online.

Heather is an aunt, who likes to build robots and playing with legos with her nephews. She loves cooking for family and friends, relaxing with her feline friends, exploring the city, and is attempting to learn how to run.


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