We invite you to share your knowledge, skills, and expertise as it relates to the integration of digital texts and tools in instruction. This survey is designed to answer the research questions as part of the Digitally Literate Research Project.

The Teaching Literacies with Technology (TLT) survey has been designed to inform our understanding of how educators, working in K-16 classrooms around the world, use digital texts and tools in literacies instruction.

Survey questions also focus on professional development. The survey asks how teachers have learned about technology integration to support literacies learning. It also asks teachers to identify the kinds of professional development they need most.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. It asks respondents to describe the work they do, and to provide information about their professional preparation in education. Questions also invite respondents to evaluate their uses of a range of digital technologies for personal and professional purposes.

This version of the survey is in English. We will release versions in other languages over the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned to this website. We would also appreciate expertise in the field that can assist with translation, and spreading this work globally.

Click Here to take the Teaching Literacies with Technology Survey


To learn as much as we can about the ways that teachers integrate diverse technologies in their literacies teaching, the survey invites respondents to indicate whether they would be interested in a follow-up interview using online video conferencing tools. These interviews will deepen our understanding of current practices and the most pressing professional development needs for literacies colleagues around the world.

Although we can only conduct interviews in English and French for now, we would welcome the involvement of colleagues around the world who would be interested in conducting interviews in other languages. Please contact us if you have an interest in participating or helping in any capacity.

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