💬 Thoughts on Responses

I’m in the process of changing my “signals” and the ways in which I interact with social networks…and my PLNs online. I’ll have an upcoming post about this soon.
As such, I’ve been revamping this website and my newsletter to make sense of these signals, content curation, and documenting my digital breadcrumbs over time.
I’m finally using the guidance from the Indie Web community (or at least trying to) as I make these changes. The guidance from Aaron Davis and Chris Aldrich has been invaluable.
One of the challenges that I’m having as I develop and fine-tune this new space is thinking through my responses on this site. I’m starting off with bookmarks, replies, and videos on this site. I’m saving longer, articles for my main website.
But, my main challenge for now is building, iterating, building, iterating. I need to share a couple of bookmarks, replies, and videos to see what they’ll look like.
As I share, I add/delete titles from bookmarks. I think about whether or not to include images for responses. I realize that I totally messed up my permalinks and blog feed on the site as well. 🙂
Time to keep manipulating things behind the scenes to see what these signals are doing.