Albert Wenger on the Decentralized Future
Sent to me by Hannah Gerber on Facebook:

An interesting perspective by Albert Wenger on how we can bring regulation out of the industrial age and into the digital age. We need digitally native approaches if we want to create a more decentralized future and create genuine competition amongst the tech giants. The idea of mandatory end user API keys for social and search systems is intriguing.

Some notes from the video:

  • We need to recognize that attention is the major currency of the future. We need to realize the attention hogs that our social networks have become. We also need to realize that these networks/businesses hog our attention, and build their own value.
  • We need to make changes of a regulatory…and a self-regulatory nature to address current and possible futures.
  • We have super computers in our pocket, we’re connected to the global economy. But, when we open up our phone, and launch Facebook…we give up all control.
  • Psychological freedom – We know that is we walk down the street and see a cat, we see a cat. But, online we have algorithms that double and triple down on our desire to see cats…so they show us hundreds of cats per day to suck up our attention and keep us on their app/platform.
  • An online identity that I control…that is not the property of a business (Google/Facebook/Amazon). This is an identity that we use to control and leverage our digital identities.

A lot of great points that resonate with me. I think there is a need to create our one domain, or series of canonical URLs. I’m in the process of changing my signals to control more of my value and attention. Attention referring to my attention on my reading online…and attention of my audience/PLN to what I’m doing/working/thinking/playing.

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