Higher education is ailing. It hasn’t been destroyed – yet.

Higher education is ailing. It hasn’t been destroyed – yet. (Bryan Alexander)

Over the past week a discussion about the future of American higher education has unfolded across the web. Things began with the publication of new enrollment data.  I commented on this, and Josh K…

Excellent presentation of facts, findings, and trends from Bryan Alexander on the recent discussion about the life and death of higher ed.
The takeaway:

Where does that leave us?  Large areas of American higher education are suffering.  Their business model might not work any longer.  Student debt is unprecedented, dangerous, and continuing to grow.  Partly in response, enrollment has dropped, which is placing even more pressure on campuses and their flailing business models.  These and other trends are weakening parts of this sector’s ability to thrive or even survive.  We may have passed peak higher ed.  American academia is sick, if not ruined, and the course of the disease, as well as its possible treatment, are uncertain.

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