Is Philly Twitter moving to Mastodon?

Is Philly Twitter moving to Mastodon? ( Philly)

Mastodon is a distributed social network, reminiscent of Twitter, but without ads or Nazis. Here’s why 100 Philly tweeters set up shop in a local “instance” called

Mastodon is a distributed social network created in October 2016 that was built on the premise of creating independently run small communities that can talk to each other, rather than a single, endless stream of triggering horrors.
It’s a microblogging platform that you can think of as Twitter without the ads. Tweets here are “toots,” in keeping with the Mastodon theme, and they can be up to 500 characters long. You don’t retweet, you “boost.”

A local group in Philly was sick and tired of the hate and vitriol on Twitter so they set up their own instance on Mastodon as a way to stay connected.
I’m intrigued by this use of the tool to basically run your own open, semi-private social network.

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