Live an antifragile way of life

Doug Belshaw shared this excellent post from Buster Benson on Living Like a Hydra. I recommend reading the whole post…multiple times. You won’t regret it.
One of the things I really enjoyed from the piece was this list of 10 ways to live an antifragile life:
  1. Stick to simple rules
  2. Build in redundancy and layers (no single point of failure)
  3. Resist the urge to suppress randomness
  4. Make sure that you have your soul in the game
  5. Experiment and tinker — take lots of small risks
  6. Avoid risks that, if lost, would wipe you out completely
  7. Don’t get consumed by data
  8. Keep your options open
  9. Focus more on avoiding things that don’t work than trying to find out what does work
  10. Respect the old — look for habits and rules that have been around for a long time


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