Lower Stress Through Meditation Focused on Acceptance (World of Psychology)

Finances, family, work, and especially, rush hour traffic. These all contribute to a US population that is constantly on edge and stressed by the 24-hour cycle of life. And this is without discussing politics. American adults experience stress in many ways and combat it through a variety of methods — from medications

Meditation has been shown to help in stress reduction, and westernized mind-body practices are in vogue more than ever. But there’s one aspect of meditation in particular that might prove best for beating stress: a focus on openness and equanimity, known as acceptance training.
A Carnegie Mellon University-led study offers the first scientific evidence that mindfulness meditation that included acceptance training techniques can reduce cortisol levels and blood pressure in response to stressful situations.

This later connects with screentime and devices.

Building a foundation is important, but developing a mindfulness practice that revolves around your phone might seem a bit paradoxical. Screen time of any kind usually makes us less mindful. And studies have shown that just having your phone out and present in a conversation can significantly interfere with your sense of connection and feelings of closeness with another person.