Privacy is too big to understand

As part of his Privacy Project newsletter, Charlie Warner talks about the challenges of defining and discussing privacy in current contexts.

“Privacy” is an impoverished word — far too small a word to describe what we talk about when we talk about the mining, transmission, storing, buying, selling, use and misuse of our personal information.

I’ve been thinking & writing quite a bit about privacy and security since my time working on the web literacy initiative with Mozilla. At the same time, the Snowden leaks came out, and our thinking about privacy (for many of us) changed drastically. I’m continually learning, and thinking about my privacy online, and the practices I teach to my students.

“Privacy is really about being able to define for ourselves who we are for the world and on our own terms,” he said. “That’s not a choice that belongs to an algorithm or data broker and definitely not to Facebook.”

Matt Cagle – Technology & civil liberties attorney – ACLU

SOURCE: The New York Times

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