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Humans and Algorithms Work Together

Welcome to Digitally Literate, issue #366. I posted the following this week. Unleash the Power of Computational Thinking in Higher Education to Address Wicked Problems – This past week I presented twice with some great colleagues at TLTCon 2023. This first session focused on computational thinking (CT) and connections to addressing wicked problems in our…

Apple’s new product features are an admission of guilt

Apple’s new product features are an admission of guilt (The Outline)

The company knows your addiction to its devices is making you miserable.

From The Outline: The next version of iOS will also now have built in time limit controls, so that users can parent themselves about how much time they spend on Instagram or on Facebook, cutting in to the Explore Tab k-hole after an hour or two and letting them know it’s “time to move on.”…

Break Your Phone Addiction


How many times every hour do you check your phone? Five times? A dozen? More? How do all of these micro-interruptions change your day? Do they make you less productive? Effect your well-being? How might your life look if you were able to take control of the distractions? To literally silence your phone and dedicate…

Wired guide to Internet addiction

Everything You Need To Know About Your Smartphone Addiction (WIRED)

Everything you ever wanted to know about screen time, likes, and pull-to-refresh.

You don’t need to see the stats to know it’s hard to put down your device—the muscle memory of pull-to-refresh, the devil of the red notification on your shoulder, the rush that follows a flood of likes, the Instagram envy, the FOMO, scrolling endlessly by screenlight instead of falling asleep. Except that actual experts are…