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Webmentions: Enabling Better Communication on the Internet

Webmentions: Enabling Better Communication on the Internet by Chris Aldrich (alistapart.com)

Breaking down the walls between the internet’s many social silos, Webmentions offer a new level of freedom for web interactions.

A post from Chris Aldrich all about webmentions and online communications. People can post about what they’re actively listening to (either on their personal websites or via podcast apps that could report the percentage of the episode listened to) and send “listen” Webmentions to pages for podcasts or other audio content. At some point, I’d…

Chris Aldrich response to "Interviewing my digital domains"

Chris Aldrich used Hypothesis to annotate my post on Interviewing my digital domains. He then pulled those annotations into the response bookmarked up above in this “reply” post. This response to his reply post is mere to indicate/document the process and product I appreciate in his post. I’ll have a couple of longer posts unpacking…