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Digitally Literate #206

Lose YourselfDigitally Lit #206 – 7/20/2019 Hi all, my name is Ian O’Byrne and welcome to issue #206 of Digitally Literate. In this newsletter I distill the news of the week in technology into an easy-to-read resource. Thank you for reading. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. This week I worked on a number of…

AI can now predict, shut down internet troll behavior

AI can now predict, shut down internet troll behavior (Big Think)

A team from Cornell University looks to shut down the ongoing flamewar that has taken over, well, pretty much every public area of the internet.

The Big Think notes: If you’ve been on the internet for more than 25 minutes, you’ve most likely run into someone saying something you disagree with. As most of us realize, this is part of adult life. The world was not built explicitly for us. Most (read: good) people might move on,  but many — about 30%…

How we can teach computers to make sense of our emotions


How can we make AI that people actually want to interact with? Raphael Arar suggests we start by making art. He shares interactive projects that help AI explore complex ideas like nostalgia, intuition and conversation — all working towards the goal of making our future technology just as much human as it is artificial.