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Wasting Time

Welcome to Digitally Literate, issue #364. I posted the following this week. The Power and Perils of Generative AI in Education: What You Need to Know – This week I sat in on a webinar organized by the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. The video for this wide ranging…

The once and future IndieWeb


In the beginning, the Web was a simple thing. A bit of HTML, running on a server you probably had root access to, and maybe even had running under your desk. Fast forward 20 years, and most of the Web’s content resides in silos, like Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Our Web sites have become…

AI can now predict, shut down internet troll behavior

AI can now predict, shut down internet troll behavior (Big Think)

A team from Cornell University looks to shut down the ongoing flamewar that has taken over, well, pretty much every public area of the internet.

The Big Think notes: If you’ve been on the internet for more than 25 minutes, you’ve most likely run into someone saying something you disagree with. As most of us realize, this is part of adult life. The world was not built explicitly for us. Most (read: good) people might move on,  but many — about 30%…