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Creativity is Subtraction

We improve the quality of what we are doing by reducing the quantity of what we shouldn’t be doing. This week some of my recent research in screentime was posted. Our chapter, Co-constructing Digital Futures, is now available for #OpenReview as part of the @mitpress Works in Progress program. I worked with the brilliant Katie…

A New Theory Linking Sleep and Creativity

A New Theory Linking Sleep and Creativity (The Atlantic)

The two main phases of sleep might work together to boost creative problem-solving.

A new theory that explains why sleep and creativity are linked. Specifically, their idea explains how the two main phases of sleep—REM and non-REM—work together to help us find unrecognized links between what we already know, and discover out-of-the-box solutions to vexing problems. As you start to fall asleep, you enter non-REM sleep. That includes a…