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Falling & Breaking

Hey there! Welcome back all. This week I posted the following: Memoir and the Creative Process – This is a follow-up to my earlier post about mental health and depression. We don’t always recognize the gifts we’re given by suffering through disappointing and difficult times until long after the fact. Today Is the Tomorrow We…

Critical Thinking for Educators

Critical Thinking for Educators (halfanhour.blogspot.ca)

“Pick any article from the newspaper,” I would say to my students. “Bring it in and we’ll analyze it.” This was one of my favourite – an…

A good primer from Stephen Downes on the framing and teaching opportunities for educators surrounding critical thinking. I’ve focused this article on critical thinking for educators because I am concerned that teachers and school administrators are exposed to a lot of misinformation about critical thinking. Various writers have developed ‘their own’ approach to critical thinking, which sometimes…

Teaching Strategies for Critical Thinking Skills (TeachHUB)

5 teaching strategies you can use to effectively teach critical thinking skills in your classroom.

A post that muddies the elements of critical thinking skills. The post shares more about instructional groupings as opposed to pedagogical opportunities to scaffold critical thinking skills. Not a good example to share.