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Chaos Surfing

Welcome back all! Here’s Digitally Literate, issue #346. I recently sat down with Nate Hurst and Rachel Meisner from ActiveClass to talk about digital citizenship and literacy. You can watch the complete discussion here. Please subscribe if you would like this newsletter to show up in your inbox. Reach out and say hello at hello@digitallyliterate.net.…

Watching Robots

Hi all! Welcome back to Digitally Literate. This is issue #301. This week I published the following: How to Talk About Mental Health – Some guidance on how to talk about mental health and well-being. Getting Started With Ungrading – This semester I’m integrating more thinking about how I assess. This first post explains what…

Digital Resilience

Welcome back family. This week I posted the following: Where I Begin – Learning Event #2 – As we continue this walk in your world, please begin at the beginning. Home. Ten Rules for Innovative Dissemination of Research – How do you hit reset and go back to zero? How do you ignore sunk costs…

Digitally Literate #195

The survival of the species Digitally Lit #195 – 4/27/2019 Hi all, my name is Ian O’Byrne and welcome to Digitally Literate. In this newsletter, I try to synthesize what happened this week so you can be digitally literate as well. I posted a couple of things this week: Lock your phone when handing to…

Representation and the internet with Franchesca Ramsey


In season three, episode five of the IRL podcast, Veronica Belmont and Franchesca Ramsey meet the people working to make the web — and the world — friendlier places for you, me and everyone else. The animated video shared above is a clip from this episode.  

George Veletsianos on Twitter about appreciation & academia

George Veletsianos on Twitter (Twitter)

“This. I mentioned to a colleague last week, we shouldn’t wait for our peers to take on new positions, to move to other universities, in order to tell them that we appreciate what they do, that we like them, and their work. More appreciation, more often, pls #AcademicTwitter https://t.co/ooANxPqxwW”


Look for the Good Apples

Look for the Good Apples (michaelhyatt.com)

Developing your own personal good apple armor Researching the “Good Apples” chapter, Coyle began to notice some of the “little moments of social interaction” that can help make a team Nick-resistant were consistent—“whether the group was a military unity or a movie studio or an inner-city school.” It’s not as complicated as you might presume.…