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Viewing and exporting Hypothesis annotations

Viewing and exporting Hypothesis annotations by Jon Udell (Hypothesis)

We’re delighted to see Roderic Page and Kris Shaffer putting the Hypothesis API to work. For us, the API isn’t just a great way to integrate Hypothesis with other systems. It’s also a way to try out ideas that inform the development of Hypothesis. Today I’ll share two of those ideas. One is a

An overview of some of the tools and tricks to export out Hypothesis annotations.

Chris Aldrich response to "Interviewing my digital domains"

Chris Aldrich used Hypothesis to annotate my post on Interviewing my digital domains. He then pulled those annotations into the response bookmarked up above in this “reply” post. This response to his reply post is mere to indicate/document the process and product I appreciate in his post. I’ll have a couple of longer posts unpacking…

Closing the loop on feedback using Hypothesis annotations


Really excited about the possibility of moving closer to my dream of a transparent, revision trail of audits, edits, and feedback in my online writing. This is all due to a mix of Hypothesis, some indieweb voodoo, and brilliance from Chris Aldrich. The posts I discuss: https://wiobyrne.com/interviewing-my-domains/ https://boffosocko.com/2018/06/21/interviewing-my-digital-domains-w-ian-obyrne/ https://boffosocko.com/2018/06/21/some-thoughts-on-highlights-and-marginalia-with-examples/