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Digitally Literate #223

What Tomorrow Holds Digitally Lit #223 – 11/24/2019 Hi all, welcome to issue #223 of Digitally Literate, thanks for stopping by. Please subscribe if you would like this to show up in your email inbox. This week’s issue is a day late as I was heading back from presentations at the National Council of Teachers…

An Avalanche of Speech Can Bury Democracy

An Avalanche of Speech Can Bury Democracy (POLITICO Magazine)

For the longest time, we thought that as speech became more democratized, democracy itself would flourish. But in 2018, it is increasingly clear that more speech can in fact threaten democracy.

Zeynep Tufecki in Politico Magazine. All annotations in context. But in the digital age, when speech can exist mostly unfettered, the big threat to truth looks very different. It’s not just censorship, but an avalanche of undistinguished speech—some true, some false, some fake, some important, some trivial, much of it out-of-context, all burying us. Perhaps…

The Information War Has Begun

The Information War Has Begun (zephoria.org)

danah boyd on her website. All annotations in context. News agencies, long trained to focus on reporting information and maintaining a conceptual model of standards, are ill-equipped to understand that they may have a role in this war, that their actions and decisions are shaping the way the war plays out.   How many years…