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Design for how people learn

Design for how people learn

If you’re interested in reading more about the importance of “chunking” and clear course design, check out Chapter 4 (starts on page 14 of the PDF at the link above) in this excerpt from Design for How People Learn by Julie Dirksen (which is a wonderful book and useful resource).

Instructional Designers Are Teachers

Instructional Designers Are Teachers – Hybrid Pedagogy by Sean Michael Morris (Hybrid Pedagogy)

The future of digital learning depends on taking seriously the work of instructional designers as teachers, both by pushing them to be more and acknowledging when they are far more than we realized.

 At the root of what they do is a maddening desire to create meaningful learning experiences in digital space.   Instructional designers, then, understand digital space. They understand learning. They understand teaching. And they understand technology.   The future of digital learning, which is the Tinman to the Dorothy of higher education, depends on taking seriously the…