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Analysis: How poverty can drive down intelligence

Analysis: How poverty can drive down intelligence (PBS NewsHour)

A new study shows that poverty lowers IQ.

The usual side effects of poverty are abundant and well documented. They include crime, chronic stress and a long list of health conditions. But you may not have heard of this one: lower IQ. That’s according to a recent post by Alice Walton in the University of Chicago Business School’s journal, The Chicago Booth Review: “How poverty changes…

The hidden crisis on college campuses: Many students don’t have enough to eat by an author (Washington Post)

A first-of-its-kind survey finds one-third of college students regularly skip meals and lack stable housing.

This is one the things that I think we often don’t address in our courses or programs. There is an assumption made that all students are “well off” and have everything they need in higher ed to be successful. This could be food, shelter, or technology access. It’s stories like this that indicate that students…