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Digitally Literate #209

Sometimes you gotta flyDigitally Lit #209 – 8/10/2019 Hi all, my name is Ian O’Byrne and welcome to issue #209 of Digitally Literate. In this newsletter I distill the news of the week in technology into an easy-to-read resource. Thank you for reading. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. This week I sent out the…

Education unfits us for slavery; we need to protect the Department of Education

Education unfits us for slavery; we need to protect the DOE (The Hechinger Report)

Last week, the White House released a proposal to restructure the federal government, featuring a plan to merge the Department of Education and Department of Labor. Black students, whose ancestors’ bodies were once reduced to instruments of labor in slavery, have the most to lose from this politically-driven merger.

Andre Perry in The Hechinger Report: The notion of a governmental reboot seems fair enough. Government bureaucracies that grow over time can be anathema to innovation and efficiency. Technology has challenged the way we engage with all institutions, and the federal government could certainly improve its use of technology to better deliver services. [7/2/2018 3:56…