Teens, Social Media & Technology 2018

Teens, Social Media & Technology 2018 (pewinternet.org)
Some of the main findings from the Pew Center’s survey of U.S. teens conducted March 7 – April 10, 2018. Throughout the report, “teens” refers to those ages 13 to 17.

  • YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular online platforms among teens. Fully 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, and 45% say they are online ‘almost constantly’
  • Facebook is no longer the dominant online platform among teens
  • Teens have mixed views on the impact of social media on their lives
  • Vast majority of teens have access to a home computer or smartphone
  • A growing share of teens describe their internet use as near-constant
  • A majority of both boys and girls play video games, but gaming is nearly universal for boys

Read the full report here. The topline notes are here.

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