The Evolving Organized Crime Threat

The Evolving Organized Crime Threat (FBI)

Citizens Crime Commission of New York

A speech given by Robert Mueller, III, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Citizens Crime Commission of New York on January 27, 2011.
Some of the key quotes:

Since that time, we have seen a number of dramatic shifts–not just in our perspectives on terrorism, but in the way we learn, communicate, and conduct business. Shifts in the political, social, and economic climate. Shifts in our way of life.
Today, we communicate by texting, tweeting, and Skyping. We take pictures without film, we read books without pages, and every six-year-old has a smart phone. We share the sundry details of our lives on Facebook. Well, most of us do. For some reason, no one wants to be “friended” by the Director of the FBI.

He continues:

Intelligence and partnerships are key to our success in countering these threats.
In the past nine years, we in the FBI have shifted from a law enforcement agency to a national security service that is threat-driven and intelligence-led.

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