What Is Digital Literacy?

What Is Digital Literacy? (Education Week)

For educators, digital literacy means much more than learning to read online. Here’s a guide to understanding it.

This post is from 2016, a lifetime in Internet years. How much of this thinking has changed?

While the word “literacy” alone generally refers to reading and writing skills, when you tack on the word “digital” before it, the term encompasses much, much more.
Sure, reading and writing are still very much at the heart of digital literacy. But given the new and ever-changing ways we use technology to receive and communicate information, digital literacy also encompasses a broader range of skills—everything from reading on a Kindle to gauging the validity of a website or creating and sharing YouTube videos.
The term is so broad that some experts even stay away from it, preferring to speak more specifically about particular skills at the intersection of technology and literacy.

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