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The Teaching Literacies with Technology (TLT) survey is now live. Click here to go directly to the survey. Email or tweet @digit_lit for more info #digitallyliterate 

The Digitally Literate research project seeks to document instructional use of digital texts & tools in global classrooms.

This study will focus on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions utilized by educators as they embed digital texts and tools in literacy instruction. We will sampling broadly to identify educators across global settings who are authentically and effectively embedding digital literacies into instruction. Our focus extends from early childhood to to higher education settings.

This website will host all announcements, data collection, and research dissemination. The research team will also openly blog on this website. These posts will include researcher notes and synthesis during the study.

We believe this methodological choice will make information immediately available to research and educational communities who could benefit from these data, and from our analyses. Please review our research and privacy guidelines here.