The Internet is a Crime Scene

The Internet is a Crime Scene

Welcome back friends. I hope you…and those around you…are safe.

This week I worked on the following:

  • Accessible and Approachable – We must make intellectual work accessible, and accessible work intellectual.
  • Monkeys Throwing Feces – Some insight as my partner decides to leave social media for the foreseeable future.
  • Fit Versus Fit – When we look for a job, there are usually two questions that many jobs will ask. Are you the right fit and are you the right fit?

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11 Tips to Help Children Process the Storming of the Capitol Building

  1. Be careful with curious eyes and ears
  2. Make this a teachable moment
  3. Reassure your kids that everyone is safe
  4. Listen to their concerns
  5. Pay attention
  6. Put your oxygen mask on first
  7. Explain that violence is never the answer
  8. Talk about consequences
  9. Give your kids a break
  10. Take a Screen Detox
  11. Tell stories of kindness

They Used to Post Selfies. Now They’re Trying to Reverse the Election

The Capitol siege was the biggest media spectacle of the Trump era. It will be interesting to see this leads to any change in our relationship to misinfromation.

Thsi will most likely lead to no changes as right-wing influencers who embraced extremist views have been rewarded by Facebool algorithms. Facebook adds fuel to the fire as the social network shows ads for military gear next to posts for the insurrection.

We need to ask questions about the use of the algorithmic internet, which acts as an accelerant for white supremacy.

Every Deleted Parler Post, Many With Users’ Location Data, Has Been Archived

In the wake of the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol by scores of President Trump’s supporters, a lone researcher began an effort to catalog the posts of social media users across Parler, a platform founded to provide conservative users a safe haven for uninhibited “free speech” — but which ultimately devolved into a hotbed of far-right conspiracy theories, unchecked racism, and death threats aimed at prominent politicians.

The quick thinking of a self-described hacker by the name of donk_enby and a host of amateur data hoarders preserved more than 56.7 terabytes of data from Parler. This data included GPS metadata and videos from Parler and has been used to create an interactive map of this content.

Facial Recognition Technology Isn’t Good Just Because It’s Used to Arrest Neo-Nazis

Great post from Joan Donovan and Chris Gilliard on the risk and reward in our use of surveillance tech.

Crisis is often used to increase the reach of surveillance technologies. Many who consider the use of facial recognition technology ethically wrong in the context of policing take a different stance when it’s in the hands of researchers and journalists trying to identify neo-Nazis and insurrectionists. This could end up further entrenching facial recognition technology at a time when we should be working to ban it.

Teach Your White Kids About Their Privelege

Systemic racism is still a daily reality, white supremacists are feeling increasingly emboldened, and white people are inherently privileged. White parents need to talk with their white children about their privilege.

While we’re on the topic, this post by Dr. Laura M. Jimenez shares actionable advice on how to interupt whiteness in the classroom.


Six edtech tools to try in 2021

Jennifer Gonzalez from Cult of Pedagogy with a group of tools to check out this year.

  • Mote – audio feedback in Google Docs
  • AllSides – news from “all sides” of the political spectrum
  • Google Lens – use AR and machine learning to search
  • Bulb – student portfolio platform
  • EmbraceRace – a site created by an multiracial couple who wanted to do a better job of educating their children about race
  • Prezi Video – combines Prezi presentations and video



There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.

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