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This week I published the following:

  • Create a Personal Webpage Using GitHub Pages & Jekyll – This week we had the last year of our professional development focused on infusing computational thinking into middle and high school classrooms. I taught a breakout session focused on building simple webpages using GitHub Pages.
  • What will digital life be like in 2035? – My insights about the evolution of digital spaces and whether or not there will be improvements in the coming years when it comes to the overall good of society.

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk

I don’t know how the YouTube algorithm took this long to bring me the Scary Pockets YouTube Channel…but I am thankful.

I watched almost all of the videos on the channel with the family this week.


Private Israeli spyware used to hack cellphones of journalists, activists worldwide

Human rights activists, journalists, and lawyers across the world have been targeted by authoritarian governments using hacking software sold by the Israeli surveillance company NSO Group.

Pegasus is malware that infects iPhones and Android devices to enable operators of the tool to extract messages, photos and emails, record calls, and secretly activate microphones.

The leak contains a list of more than 50,000 phone numbers that, it is believed, have been identified as those of people of interest by clients of NSO since 2016.

The Pegasus Project reports that journalists, activists, and heads of state could have been infiltrated.


This tool tells you if NSO’s Pegasus spyware targeted your phone.

The Absurd Proposal to Put Bodycams on Teachers Is … Feasible?

The idea to monitor educators so they don’t teach critical race theory seems ridiculous. But schools are already rife with invasive surveillance.

As outlandish as the body camera proposal is, we’ve already spent years shifting the Overton Window of acceptability in favor of more invasive surveillance in schools.

The proposal is insulting, exhausting, and un-American, but it is not impossible. One Texas school district’s facial recognition system is capable of capturing a single student’s image more than 1000 times a week.

How Tech Won the Pandemic and Now May Never Lose

As the world reeled, tech titans supplied the tools that made life and work possible. Now the companies are awash in money — and questions about what it means to win amid so much loss.

How to manage feedback on your open project

When you post content openly online and ask for feedback…you just may get it.

The brilliant Laura Hilliger and her team are working on a definition for open leadership.

The team is using a Google Doc to keep track of comments and identify how they’ve addressed changes. I value how the team has developed and documented their process openly.

The Neuroscience of Taking Turns in a Conversation

Research in birds suggests that when one partner speaks, the other partner’s brain is inhibited from talking over them.

Findings also suggest that when individuals are interacting in a shared behavior they act as a single entity. This concept is important for any group of organisms cooperating to produce a shared behavior that is more than the sum of its parts; for example, people dancing the tango, or several people playing in band. To coordinate behavior, the brains of all participants must link together to become a single unit.


Building YouTube Shorts, a new way to watch & create on YouTube

YouTube released their version of TikTok this week.

Shorts is a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.



Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.


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Before getting off of the bus, this little girl told the bus driver that “Shake It Off” was her favorite song, so he stopped everything he was doing, turned the radio up, and preceded to absolutely jam out with her.

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