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Beyond Fear, Destiny Awaits

Beyond Fear, Destiny Awaits Digitally Lit #259 – 9/12/2020 Welcome back to Digitally Literate and issue #259. If you haven’t already, please subscribe if you would like this newsletter to show up in your inbox. Feel free to reach out and let me know what you think of this work at hello@digitallyliterate.net. Thank you to…

Four Questions For Kathryn Kennedy about following your passions

a video

In this discussion with Kathryn Kennedy, we talk about the current transitions in her career. We discuss the guidance, focus, and balance needed to make these changes while listening to your dreams and desires. Find about more about Kathryn at http://www.kathrynmkennedy.com/ The four starting prompts: How would you describe your employment/experiences up to this date?…

Hacking Happiness in the Information Age

Hacking Happiness in the Information Age – Taking Note – Medium by (Medium)

Expert tips for cultivating lasting fulfillment

An interview from Evernote’s Taking Note blog on happiness, screentime, and balance in our lives. Some ideas of interest: First, we need to stop thinking about happiness as a single monolithic concept. There are different kinds of happiness — and some are more fulfilling and long-term than others: Short-term happiness: Psychologists refer to this as “hedonic” happiness, derived from the…

What This 76-Year-Old Man Can Teach About Healing

What This 76-Year-Old Man Can Teach About Healing (nytimes.com)

“I never lock my door; if people show up at night, I will wake up,” said I Gusti Mangku Sasak, a holistic Usada Bali healer.

Gusti Mangku Sasak, a 76-year-old Balinese healer, begins and ends each day by meditating. He then goes to the rice fields, where he works with his son. When he returns home around dusk, patients from his village in the regency of Gianyar and beyond await. Mr Mangku is a third-generation healer with a simple advice:…