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The Credibility Coalition

The Credibility Coalition (credibilitycoalition.org)

Credibility Coalition: A diverse, interdisciplinary community committed to building better standards for credibility on the web.

An alternative to throwing credibility to the crowd: convene a community to propose standards and then test rigorously. One effort working systemically working toward creating such standards is the Credibility Coalition, a community of researchers seeking to create shareable, open-source definitions that could be widely adopted. The coalition is also dedicated to reviewable research on how this process will work…

These 7 Common Speaking Habits Undercut Your Credibility (Fast Company)

These simple behaviors are easy to fall into when you’re nervous, but they can make listeners think twice about taking you seriously.

Your credibility as speaker always hinges on what you’re saying, but it also has a lot to do with how you say it. When you’re nervous, these common bad habits are easy to miss, but paying a little more attention to how you look and sound can help you come across as someone really worth…