How to See Yourself Clearly: Skip the Introspection Mode

How to See Yourself Clearly: Skip the Introspection Mode by Gustavo Razzetti (Medium)

Too much self examination can kill you

People who score high in self-awareness (“Aware) know themselves well and also understand how others see them.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Conversely, “Introspectors” lack external self-awareness. They are unaware of their blindspots — they don’t know what they don’t know. Looking for external feedback is critical to developing external self-awareness.

“Pleasers” are focused on external perception. They care so much about what others think of them that they are not authentic. They lost touch with themselves and don’t do much about it. Instead of seeking fulfillment, they the masks others expect from them, as I wrote here.

“Seekers” are lost souls. They lack clarity on who they are or what they stand for. They are also clueless about how others perceive them. Being a “seeker” can be a temporary or permanent stage. We all lose clarity of who we are from time to time. Some people simply decide not to do anything about it.

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