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Digitally Literate #231

Machine Learning Delay Digitally Lit #231 – 2/1/2020 Hi all, welcome to issue #231 of Digitally Literate. Last week I posted this piece about talking to youth about privacy, security, & digital spaces. These materials and the related interview were used by Meghan Herbst in a piece for Wired on How to Raise Media-Savvy Kids…

The Uncertain Future of OER

The Uncertain Future of OER | Edutopia (Edutopia)

High-quality open educational resources that are freely shared and improved upon have enormous appeal, but they’re not a reality yet—and may never be.

From Edutopia: Open educational resources (OER) have been on the cusp of arriving for more than 15 years, but somehow they never do. So what’s the holdup? In the post, Tom Berger posits that teachers aren’t onboard, with good reason. At the same time, OER are not going away for budgetary reasons. I think Stephen…