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Digitally Literate #231

Machine Learning Delay Digitally Lit #231 – 2/1/2020 Hi all, welcome to issue #231 of Digitally Literate. Last week I posted this piece about talking to youth about privacy, security, & digital spaces. These materials and the related interview were used by Meghan Herbst in a piece for Wired on How to Raise Media-Savvy Kids…

A New Theory Linking Sleep and Creativity

A New Theory Linking Sleep and Creativity (The Atlantic)

The two main phases of sleep might work together to boost creative problem-solving.

A new theory that explains why sleep and creativity are linked. Specifically, their idea explains how the two main phases of sleep—REM and non-REM—work together to help us find unrecognized links between what we already know, and discover out-of-the-box solutions to vexing problems. As you start to fall asleep, you enter non-REM sleep. That includes a…