Declining Majority of Online Adults Say the Internet Has Been Good for Society

Pew Research Center (Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech)

At the same time, the contours of connectivity are shifting: One-in-five Americans (20%) are now ‘smartphone only’ internet users at home.

An interesting trend has been popping up over the last couple of months. Despite the fact that the Internet and other communication technologies impact our lives in a variety of (mostly positive) ways, news from recent fields has been rather tepid. Put simply, people seem to be bored with the Internet and digital tools. Headlines appear like: We were promised mind-blowing personal tech…what’s the hold-up?
This research report from Pew suggests that American adults suggest that these online spaces provide a mixed blessing for society.
Perhaps there is also some lag as we unpack more privacy and security concerns as identified in the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica revelations. And perhaps…since most adults consider the Internet to just be Facebook…perhaps they’re expecting more.

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