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A Better Way To Picture Atoms

Do we picture atoms the completely wrong way?

This video is about using Bohmian trajectories to visualize the wavefunctions of hydrogen orbitals, rendered in 3D using custom python code in Blender.

Super cool stuff.


The Unseen Teen: The Challenges of Building Healthy Tech for Young People

In a Data & Society report, Amanda Lenhart and Kellie Owens interview tech industry professionals to understand how adolescent well-being is prioritized (or not) in the design and development of popular social media and gaming platforms.

Lenhart and Owens find numerous challenges to designing for adolescent digital well-being

The Weaponization of Care

Autumn Caines on how surveillance and the gender norms around care are used to reinforce each other.

Protection, direction, influence, and even management can easily be perceived as closely aligned to concerns of care, if not inseparable from them. Be it for our children, partners, or property, surveillance promises that we can gain peace of mind or become more conscientious — that we can think of ourselves as better caregivers.

Nature-based solutions can help cool the planet — if we act now

Analysis suggests that to limit global temperature rise, we must slash emissions and invest now to protect, manage and restore ecosystems and land for the future.

The analysis shows that nature-based solutions can have a powerful role in reducing temperatures in the long term. Land-use changes continue to act long past the point at which net-zero emissions are achieved and global temperatures peak and will have an important role in planetary cooling in the second half of this century. Before then, nature-based solutions can provide real but limited mitigation benefits. Crucially, the more ambitious the climate target, the shorter the time frame for such solutions to have an effect on peak warming.

Put simply, nature-based solutions must be designed for longevity. This means paying closer attention to their long-term carbon-sink potential, as well as their impacts on biodiversity, equity and sustainable development goals.

So You’re Vaccinated! How Can You Let People Know?

So you have taken the time to get yourself the coronavirus vaccine. Thank you!

Current CDC recommendations are indicating mask mandates are no longer needed…as long as people are vaccinated.

If you are vaccinated…what responsibility do you have to prove this to others?

QAnon Crowd Convinced UFOs Are a Diversion From Voter Fraud

It’s never been a better time to believe in UFOs…unless you’re a follower of Qanon.

The far-right conspiracy theory movement known as QAnon emerged on the internet in late 2017 and gained traction throughout former President Donald Trump’s time in office. QAnon’s core theory revolves around Satan-worshipping pedophiles plotting against Trump and a coming “storm” that would clear out those evil forces, but the movement has also been described as a “big tent conspiracy theory” that involves a constantly evolving web of schemes about politicians, celebrities, bankers, and the media, as well as echoes of older movements within Christianity, such as Gnosticism.

Recent research suggests religion, education, race, and media consumption are strong predictors of belief in this conspiracy theory acceptance among Americans.


This Centuries-Old Trick Will Unlock Your Productivity

Having trouble getting things done?

Self-mesmerism might be a way to quiet your mind, and get some deep work done.

Music has long been associated with trance states. The concepts of automatic response and conditioned reflex have been the basis for a model of physiological psychology in which the self has been depicted as vulnerable to external stimuli such as music.



Simplify, slow down, be kind. And don’t forget to have art in your life – music, paintings, theater, dance, and sunsets.

Eric Carle

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Men…it’s okay to moisturize and use eye cream. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good and take care of yourself.

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